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Profit Copilot - Digital marketing tips: Get more web traffic & sales

Feb 15, 2018

In this episode I cover the strategy the Guardian used to grow their Instagram following to over 800,000 followers. Within less than one year, the increased the following by 57%, here's how they did it. 

Feb 14, 2018

Today Google has announced the launch of a new service called AMP Stories, that allow publishers to present their content in more engaging ways. 

Feb 13, 2018

Guarantees will boost your sales, no question. 

But a lot of copywriters struggle with writing an engaging guarantee that speaks directly to their prospects concerns and objections.

Here's how to write one that will boost your conversion rate. 

Feb 12, 2018

Are you sick of jumping around from one idea to the next? Part 1 will give you a low stress way of choosing the perfect niche.

Then in part 2 you'll learn brand new ways to boost your affiliate sales. 

Feb 5, 2018

In this episode you're going to learn the truth about subliminal advertising and how you can use an ethical form of subliminal advertising. 

Plus a lesson from Breakthrough Advertising, the most sought after copywriting book in history, on how to write headlines that convert. 

Also, big news from Facebook and what it...