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Profit Copilot - Digital marketing tips: Get more web traffic & sales

Aug 5, 2019

As good as this is, if you don't want to buy website traffic, you can get organic traffic here

In this video you will learn how to get paid traffic to your website and buy targeted traffic that converts.

Today you will learn:

How to buy website traffic
Without spending a fortune
Why paid traffic is effective
How to monetize it
Bonus: Organic traffic

Who is this for?

Bloggers / vloggers / podcasts
Affiliate marketers
Email list builders
Ecom stores
Service providers
Coaches & mentors

This is the final lesson in a 3 part series:

Part 1: Become a valuable asset

Part 2: Create managed controversy

Part 3: Strategic advertising

Use all of these together

Strategic facebook advertising:

Fastest way to drive traffic
Boost profit quickly
You don’t have to spend much
Install the Pixel code now

Step 1: Know your audience
Their interests & values

Step 2: Have the right offer
Match interests & values

Step 3: Choose a destination
Create a conversion

Know your audience:

Who do YOU want to attract?
How do they see themselves?
How to do they want to be perceived?
What motivates them? What scares them?
Think about their problems & concerns
What they need help with
Reveal new problems
Show missed opportunities
Use ‘Audience Insights’ tool

The right offer must:

Be of desperate need to your audience
Be easy to obtain
Be easy to consume
Convert them in to a lead
Free ebook, video or webinar

Choose a destination:

Know your end goal
Opt-in page to collect email addresses
Content page to deliver value then opt-in
Sales page to make a sale (not recommended)

Who will you advertise to?

Your existing audience
People who’ve already consumed your content
This is called retargeting
New people
Target the magazines they read
People they follow
Websites they read
Broad based term
Harder to convert
Lookalike audience
Let FB figure it out

Create one campaign for each goal:

Have a clear goal for each campaign for your desired action

3 potential campaign ideas that run at the same time:
1: Get blog readers
2: Convert into subscribers
3: Convert into customers

Traffic temperatures:

Warm traffic is likely to respond to your offer
Target people who are familiar with your type of content
The warmer the traffic, the cheaper it is to reach
The more specific your offer, the higher your CTR

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