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Aug 12, 2019

Today you will learn about picking a niche market, including examples, market research methods, and how to choose nice products to sell. Get the free training course here:

You will also learn how to do market research, I'll give you the strategy you need to find the perfect market to enter. This will also give you examples and help you find more niche ideas.

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Here's what I cover in this video:

How to start niche marketing (that you feel excited about)
4 big markets to enter (including niche examples)
12 of the most profitable niches
Easy way to find more niches
How to structure your funnel
Grab a pen & take notes
Bonus: Organic traffic

4 big markets to enter:

- Nutrition / diet planning
- Financial management
- Dating advice
- Playing instrument

12 profitable niches:

Personal development
Pet training
Baby boomers
Tax planning
Muscle building
Weight loss
Work from home
Computer issues
Language learning

Drill down into micro-niche:

Specific audience within your niche
Age, location, gender, etc
Who the buyer is
Interests, values, lifestyle, etc
Why they buy
For example; “Weight loss for men over 40”
- Weight loss (interest)
- For men (gender)
- Over 40 (age)

Validate the niche & generate content ideas:

Google Trends (broad terms)
Keywords Everywhere (broad terms)
Competitor analysis

How to structure your funnel:

5 segments of every market:
Unaware (blog posts)
Doesn’t realise a problem exists
Problem aware (blog / lead magnet)
Knows a problem exists
Solution aware (lead magnet)
Searching for solutions
Product aware (email sequence)
Looking at products
Most aware (email sequence)
Previous customers


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